Hello guys!

My name is Julia, I am a 30 year-old German fitness freak and I love doing sports as much as cooking and eating. Probably this sounds weird to you but you will soon realize how easy it is to combine eating, cooking and sports in a healthy way. I am not a professional chef, neither am I a sport scientist. However, I do work in a medical environment and know the human body’s anatomy and physiology very well. And I have been dealing with nutrition, nutrition theories and different sports for a very long time.

Maybe you entered smart food and fitness by chance. Or maybe you searched something particular on the web and were directed on this website. Or you may even have seen something interesting on facebook that you followed.

In either case I am happy to have you here.

So I assume you are looking for some delicious, healthy food and information about smart fitness? Great! Browsing through this website you will find a variety of recipes covering low carb, low calory, vegetarian and protein rich diets.  Additionally this websites provides usefull information about smart food in general. You will find out what your body really needs and how to prepare delicious food that meets those needs.

However, a healthy life needs more than just a smart diet. Yes, I am talking about sports. And I know what you are thinking: I have no time. I am so tired. I cannot get up. There is so much else to do. And you are right. But what, if I can show you a sport that really changes your life? This is why you will also discover fitness exercises that definitely will support you in starting a smart and healthy life.

So why not starting today?

I hope you enjoy reading this page! If you have any queries, please drop me a line.