Christmas meal - meat or vegetarian, smart food and fitnessHi guys!

The Christmas days are close and I imagine that most of you have already thought about what to cook, right? Most people prepare a huge Christmas roast from turkey, dug, goose, beef or deer. In addition to these kinds of meat, particularly Germans serve dumplings and red cabbage. These meals are adorably delicious, but mostly they are also incredibly fatty and high calorie.

As we want to stay fit and healthy, we might consider to make some changes to our Christmas meals this year. Or should we claim the Christmas days to be kinds of “cheat days”, where we’d eat whatever we want?

This is a difficult question. On the one hand, Christmas is something special for almost all of us and it can be difficult and annoying to abjure all the delicious pieces out there. On the other hand, you might want to pursue your goals and don’t want to fall into the big hole of laziness and gluttony. So, it is definitely up to you and your goals. You could eat everything as the case may be or you could change the recipes, which you normally use, a little to make them healthier or you could skip all the Christmas stuff and stay on your fitness diet.

The point, which is most important in my mind, is, that you feel good with the way you behave over Christmas. If you want to cheat, because you feel you deserve it, then cheat. I don’t think that 2 or 3 days of gluttony damage all your achievements. It is merely important that you come back to the track right after Christmas is over (ideally by doing a short-term detox before you continue with your initial diet). However, if you want to keep your fitness diet, do so.

I, personally, decided to change the Christmas meal recipes a little to make them a little healthier. I am going to prepare a dear roast and since I am German, I will of course serve it with dumplings and red cabbage.

The main things, which I am going to change, though, are the sauce and the amount of meat. The sauce is the most critical point in terms of calories and fat content. Imagine, you prepare a duck or goose roast. The sauce will be incredibly delicous, but it will also contain loads of fat, making the whole meal unhealthy. Thus, I decided for deer instead of such fatty birds. Additionally, I will reduce the amount of meat this year. 100g to 150g of meat per person is absolutely fine for a meal, which consists of starters, main courses and desserts. We don’t need to eat loads of meat until we are full. We should rather eat consciously and be aware of what we put into our stomach.

I’m going to post my Christmas roast recipe very soon. But as I know, that there are more and more vegetarians out there, I will also post a delicious vegetarian Christmas meal.

So, my question for you guys is now:

What kind of Christmas meal are you going to serve this year?

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Enjoy it :-)