Hi everyone!

Spiritual teachers from ancient India and South America are convinced that consciousness creates our own reality. They suggest that everything that happens in our lives is a result of our conscious or unconscious desires, thoughts and emotions. You could ask “Why, though, do I not reach my goals?” In that case, spiritual people are convinced that although you might have a superficial desire, the subconscious attracts those things, which you actually don’t want.  So these people do not say that you consciously want bad things to happen, but that you subconsciously want it. Since subconscious is about 95% and conscious only 5%, your subconscious thoughts are capable to sabotage your conscious desires.

create our own reality

If this is true, we can create everything we want from our thoughts. Isn’t that great?

If this is true, we are not victims to externalities anymore. We are empowered. We are the creators of our lives. Whatever happens to our lives, e.g. if we are sick, crossed in love or broke, then we can easily change the subconscious blueprint by reprogramming our thoughts and desires. The good news is that there are many many techniques to do this. And many People have experienced such an incredible change. Broke people found a good job and made money, severely sick People recovered completely and previously unloved people found their soulmates.

So the message from spiritual teachers is: You can have what you want in your life. This sounds absolutely great, but the dark side is the suggestion that it’s your fault, if anything in your life goes wrong. How does a mother, who lost her baby feel about this information? Does it mean that she subconsciously wanted to loose her child? Does it mean that someone diagnosed with cancer has no further will to live? Or does it mean that – as actually in the news – war refugees subconsciously wanted to be tortured and forced to leave their homes?


How should we know?

Is it that easy? I say NO. In my opinion it is absolutely true that you can affect your outcomes by working on your mind and thoughts. There are useful techniques to do this, e.g. meditation, concentration, autogenous training or NLP (nonlinguistic programming). But I personally don’t know, how things arrange in the material world and how to identify cause and effect. But I am convinced that there is more than we are abvle to recognise with our five senses. Could it be that we are here for something bigger? Could it be that we are just single “experiences” of God? Could it be that some of the bad things that happen to our lives are required for us to be able to grow? Could it be that the messages we receive from the bad things that happen to us, contain useful, secret information? Could it be that our desires are noted but that our souls are connected to the universe, which participates in creating our reality, so that we get the most out of our lives?


In my opinion, the most importtant thing is to consider your thoughts wisely, to stay open and curious for the things that are to happen. Whatever happens, I am sure that each single situation contains both a good part and a bad part. (However, I try to avoid to rate things for good or bad.) So, it can be worth to look for the good part, if you always think, the world hates you. Find the gifts in the challenges of your everyday lives and stop being a victim of externalities. THIS is your life and you have the capability to create a great one!


Enjoy it :-)