“Smart fitness” may sound a little strange in the very first moment. What is in your mind when being asked to think about what smart fitness actually might be? Any ideas? As per smart food the key point with smart fitness is knowing what you you’re doing, knowing what you need and understanding how to meet the needs of your body.

smart fitness, knowing your bodies needs and potential

Knowing the potential and the limits of your body is crucial for performing a healthy and successful training. Some people regularly go over the top. They are not capable to listen to their body. they overvalue their capabilities and risk severe injuries during their training sessions. Other people are calmer. They are afraid of getting injured and don’t even touch their limits. These people must frequently be dissatisfied with their results since they’ll never see the big success.

The key for effective and successful training is to touch the limits of your body and to slightly exceed them. If you just do workouts you are easily able to do, you can’t evolve. On the other hand, if you hurt your body regularly going over the top you can get serious health problems. So again it seems that we need to find the happy medium, right?

Now, please think about your regular physical trainings. How many sports do you do per week? How do you feel during and after the workouts? Do you feel exhausted? Do you feel strong? Do you feel good or bad?

How many hours per week do you do sports?

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