Burpees, smart food and fitnessDo you know what burpees are? If yes, then you’ll probably know that some people love them while others hate them. If not, then you will soon understant why this is so :-)

Whether or not you desire to lose weight or desire to make your muscles grow, in either case it is the heart rate during your exercises which plays an important role.  Burpees are a good exercise to improve stamina and to get the heart rate to the top. When you do your first set of burpees you will probably feel your heart would explode. However, by doing more and more of them, your heart rate will adapt to the strain of your workouts. Aside from stamina improvement, burpees are a kind of whole-body workout. Almost every muscle of your body will be involved in the burpee movement.

So, I believe, this is an exercise we should definitely include in our workouts, right?

OK, to do so, we should wear comfortable clothes and stabilizing shoes. That’s it. Burpees can be performed at any place, at any time, though we must consider that they will make us sweat a lot depending on the number of repetitions we do.

Here’s a short burpee introduction guide:

  1.  We stand in a comfortable upright position with our feet placed below our shoulders.
  2. We  squat down, place our hands on the floor and jump backwards.
  3. We move our body to the floor to reach the push-ups home position.
  4. Now we push our body back upwards and jump forwards.
  5. We stand up and jump straight upwards while our hands touch the back of our head.

Important notes: It is mandatory that we keep the tension in all our muscles during the entire movement, particularly during the push-up section. If we don’t, we’d rist severe injuries of our back.

In case you aren’t able to perform many burpees at the beginning, which is not a problem at all, just try the light version first: For this we don’t touch the floor with our body but rather stay in the upper push-ups position prior to jumping forwards. Then we continue with step 4, leaving step 3 of the burpee guide out. This version is much easier to do, though still an exhausting workout if you do more than five of them :-)

For the beginners among us I’d recommend to start slowly with

my 14-day burpee plan:

d-1: 10 burpees                         d-8: rest
d-2: 15 burpees                         d-9: 60 burpees     (3 x 20)
d-3: 20 burpees                        d-10: 70 burpees   (3 x 20, 1 x 10)
d-4: rest                                    d-11: 80 burpees   (4 x 20)
d-5: 30 burpees                        d-12: rest
d-6: 40 burpees  (2 x 20)       d-13: 90 burpees    (6 x 15)
d-7: 50 burpees  (2 x 25)        d-14: 100 burpees (4 x 25)

Enjoy it :-)