Hi everyone!

Summer’s coming, which brings with it the desire of losing weight and being in shape. So I assume, that many of us are currently working their bodies and living on strict diets. Some of us will succeed, but most of us will probably get bored with the training and give up.

Yoga is an effective way to help us lose weight. Although you work your body hard with yoga, you feel even fresher and more energetic than before the workout. The reason may be that yoga workouts are more aerobic than other workouts. Yoga workouts burn less calories than others, making yoga a slower method. However, yoga cuts the fat like a knife cuts the butter, which makes it very effective.

So here are the top yoga asanas for weight loss

1. Cobra pose: This asana mainly works the chest and back region. It helps to take deep breaths, which leads to more oxigenated blood during the exercise. This oxigenated blood helps to burn body fat.

2. Bow pose: This asana helps to tone the legs and the arms, while it helps to burn body fat. The abdominal region is stretched, which helps losing weight in this particular area.

3. Warrior pose: This asana strengthens thighs, legs, ankles and hamstrings by transferring the body weight on the thighs during the forward bend. It stimulates abdominal organs, which can help increase stamina.

4. Side bends: This asana helps to melt the body fat, which has accumulated in the stomach region over time. It does not burn amounts of calories, but assists calory loss exercises very well, since it works directly at the stomach region, which is often mainly affected from body fat.

5. Sun salutation: This is a combination of 12 asanas to form a sequence and is known as the king of the asanas. This exercise works on the whole body, expecially on the bigger muscle groups. As a beginner you should start with only a few rounds of sun salutation. As soon as you get more experienced, you can increase the numbers to achieve a highly effective workout.

Enjoy it :-)