Smart food sounds like medicine! Don’t you agree? There was a study published some time ago which concluded that children dislike food more, if parents told them it supported their health. So it appears that children prefer unhealthy food. Isn’t that crazy?

smart food, child prefering unhealthy food
source: pixabay

So what comes to your mind when you read the term “smart food”? Do you think of a nerdy know-it-all who tells you what you’ve been doing wrong all of your life? Or do you think of an approach you might not be able to pursue? Why not thinking of a person being healthy, fit and attractive?

So here’s what smart food means: It means intelligent nutrition.

Looking at all the fast food restaurants which came up during the last decades, all the sweets available in the supermarkets, all the nibbles and instant meals (which are often called convenience food – I personally dislike this expression) everywhere people may find it useful to be provided with prepared food during or after a long working day. But do they know exactly what and – even more important – how much they eat?

One of my friends who always tried to loose weight told me one day: “I don’t know why I keep my weight. I do so many sports and I only eat a salad for lunch.”  Indeed, he did lots of sports and yes, he usually ate salads for lunch.

So I asked him to keep a nutrition diary for some weeks. I wanted him to write everything down, each single candy or chewing gum. And you know what? He ate so many sweets, so many potato chips and other high calory-low volume stuff that he wasn’t able to loose the weight. However, the most alarming thing was not the fact that he ate these things but rather that he didn’t recognized how many of them he’d eaten.

This is the point, where it comes to intelligent nutrition or smart food.

Smart food does not just cover healthy recipes but also applies the awareness for what we do eat, should eat and shoudn’t eat (too often).

Now, I would like you to think about what you ate today. Do you remember every single thing?