Hi everyone!

Everyday we throw away so many leftovers from fruit and vegetables and buy them again when we’d like to eat them. But did you ever think about keeping the leftovers and trying to regrow them? In this post I will show you numbers of foods to regrow forever, so you’d never have to buy them again.

1. Green onions

Put your green onions into a glass filled with water place it at a sunny window. Just cut what you need in the kitchen and watch the green onions regrow in your window without of any further supplements.

2. Carrots

It is incredibly easy to regrow carrots. Leave about 2.5 cm of the carrot root. Stick a toothstick in either side of the carrot top and place it on top of a filled water glass. The water should touch the bottom edge of the carrot. Place the glass at a bright window, however do not expose it to direct sunlight. Add water regularly to ensure that it always touches the carrot stump. Please note that you will not receivenew carrot roots with this method, but the carrot plant with beautiful flowers.

3. Celery

Rinse the base of the celery off and put it into a small bowl with warm water base side down. Wait for about one week You will recokgnize during this week that the inner yellow stalks will begin to thicken, grow out and become green. Then transfer the celery into a planter base side down and fill it carefully with potting soil. Water it regularly and watch how fast the celery regrows.

4. Ginger

When buying ginger to regrow, look for examples with several eye growth buds. Break away what you need in the kitchen and keep parts with at least one eye growth bud to regrow. Fill a planter with soil and plant the ginger root about 2.5 cm beneath the soil. Make sure that the eye growth buds face upwards. Cover the root completely and water it regularly. Put it into a bright but not sunny place. Ginger plants can reach heights up to 90cm in the garden.

5. Garlic

The best time to grow garlic is autumn because then the bulb will grow most. You can also plant them all over the year, however the bulb then will be likely to stay smaller.

To enhance bulb size, it is useful to put your garlic gloves in the fridge for a few weeks before planting them. Soak the bolbs in a glass filled with 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon seaweed. This prevents the bulbs from rooting in the soil.

Use the larger gloves to plant and the smaller ones in the kitchen. Plant the gloves about 10 cm beneath the soil and water it well with liquid seaweed. It’s useful to mulch the planter, when the little garlic plants appear to keep weeds away.

6. Mint

Cut a stem from your mint plant and remove all the leaf sets except a couple of new leaves at the top. The positions where you removed the leaves will bring out new roots later.

Place the stems into a bowel of water and ensure that the nodes, where the leaves were stripped away, are covered with water. Then it is just about waiting for the new roots to appear. This will take a couple of weeks. As soon the root has developed and strengthened you can plant it into a planter with soil. Water it well and place it into a bright window.

7. Basil

Cut a stem that has six or more leaves on it from the basil bunch and place it in a glass of water. After only one or two weeks you can see already newly developed roots within the water. As soon as a couple of roots have appeared, transfer the stem into a planter with soil. Water it and wait for the plant to regrow.

8. Rosemary

Cut a younger stem of the rosemary bunch. Younger stems are still in the growth state and will probably build much more new roots than older ones. Strip away the leaves at the stem, except a few new leaves at the top. So all the energy will be used to grow new roots instead of feeding too many leaves. Put the stems in a glass with water and ensure that the water always covers the leave nodes. Rosemary regrows slowly and it may take a couple of months to recognize the first new roots. When the roots have strengthened a little more, transfer the stem into a planter with soil. Water it from time to time and watch your rosemary regrow.

Enjoy it :-)