fit and capable, smart food and fitnessHi guys!

To be able to manage all the tasks and challenges of an average day our body and mind need to be fit. However, abusy day often gives us no chance for a balanced diet and sufficient sports. But our nutrition plays an important role in keeping our physical and mental fitness throughout the day.

We all know the power fluctuation which comes up during the day, right? Our power curve rises in the morning, decreases around noon and rises again in the afternoon. This phenomenon is associated with our nutrition habits.

To overcome this problem it is recommended to split our meals into 3 bigger and 2 smaller ones instaed of having just 2-3 big meals a day. This helps keeping the blood glucose levels more constant and this has positive effects on our mental and physical fitness over the day.

The breakfast – never leave it out!

breakfast, smart food and fitnessA good breakfast is mandatory to stay capable throughout the entire working day. Of course, different people prefer different food but here are some examples for good morning starters:

  • granola
  • milk
  • low-fat curd cheese
  • yoghurt
  • full-grain bread
  • some fruits

Milky products provide our bodies with a good amount of long-term energy. They are thus an excellent component of a breakfast.

The second breakfast – fighting the low-point

second breakfast, smart food and fitnessApproximately around 11 AM our energy stores get empty and we need to refill them in order to stay capable. Lots of people ignore this sign and wait until lunch. But it would be better to eat a small snack instead of staying hungry for the following one or two hours.


Here are some recommendations for the second breakfast:

  • milk
  • low-fat curd cheese
  • yoghurt
  • fruits
  • vegetables

These snacks are easy to digest, though providing a good amount of energy.

Lunchtime – don’t eat too much!

lunchtime, smart food and fitnessLots of people take most of their daily energy demand through lunch and overfill their stomach. If you do so, you stress your digestive system. The result will be fatigue during afternoon or even stomach aches and nausea. It is recommended to just eat 25-30% of the total daily intake at lunch. The meals should additionally be easy to digest, particularly when your job is office-based.

Examples for smart lunch components are:

  • salads
  • chicken
  • potatoes
  • soups
  • vegetables

There are certainly many more, but this list should just give you an idea :-)

The afternoon snack – to overcome fatigue

afternoon snack, smart food and fitnessOur power curve raised again after lunch as our energy stores have been successfully refilled. To keep our capability and mental fitness until closing time it may be necessary to eat a small snack in the afternoon.

This snack should again be easy to digest and provide us with long-term energy rather than pure sugar (though a chocolate bar from time to time is also fine).

Examples for smart afternoon snacks are:

  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • yoghurt

The dinner – we have finally arrived

dinner, smart food and fitnessThe dinner should be a relaxing meal. After a ling working day it is worth to relax a little and slow down. Talking about the events of the day we refill our energy stores with a meal that is easy to digest and provides some long-term energy. Examples are meat, fish, milk products and vegetables.


We shouldn’t eat to heavy now in order to prevent insomnia, nausea or stomach aches during the night.

If you are interested in smart and healthy recipes, just browse my recipes page.

Enjoy it :-)