The number of cardiovascular conditions, cancer and other “civilizational” illnesses has been scarily increasing over the last decades. Although scientists research for capable remedies, survival and mortality rates  of these conditions show, that currently used treatment options like statins, chemotherapy or radiation are not capable to effectively increase the survival rates of the patients.

It appears that prevention is much more successful than treating an established disease. Thus, we all need to think about our lifestyles. We are stressed all day. We may have several jobs, get insufficient sleep, feel worries and anxiety about the present and the future. Additionally, we eat all this convenient stuff, which makes us even more depressed, stressed and unhappy.

So it is definitely time to change our entire lifestyle and look for natural remedies that are capable to stabilize our body and prevent and heal certain illnesses.

One of these powerful natural remedies are OPC – oligomeric proanthocyanidins – or vitamin P.

OPCs are a set of bioflavonoid complexes that catch free radicals in the human body. They are present in many plants with varying degrees of concentration. Highest concentrations are found in grape seed (which is why it is sometimes also called “grape seed extract”), grape skin, and pine bark. They are also found in black and green tea, cranberries and black current, but to a lesser extend.

OPC is a super nutrient that is capable to virtually support every metabolic system in the body.

OPCs are dimeric and trimeric structures of flavan-3-ol molecules. The sole molecule doesn’t show good bioavailability and thus not biologically activ. However, dimers and trimers of OPC are extremely biologically active and bring up amazing health benefits.

It has been shown that OPCs can effectively be used to prevent cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, while providing numerous health benefits, e.g.

  • reducing platelet aggregation – thus keeping the blood stream smooth
  • lowering LDL cholesterol levels
  • helping collagen repair itself
  • increasing strength and elasticity of blood vessels
  • relieving functional problems associated with varicous veins
  • reducing edema and inflammation
  • improving skin health
  • lessening tendency towards diabetic retinopathy

Also, OPC has shown to significantly increase the beneficial effects of vitamin C, D and E, while its efficacy seems to be enhanced in the presence of different flavonoids, i.e. quercetin, hesperidin and rutin.

The recommended daily dose is 2-3 mg/ kg Body weight. Over dosage symptoms have not yet been recorded while taking only 1 mg/kg bodyweight per day has not provided any health benefits.

Take care :-)